The Atheist and the God Particle

An atheistic revival is sweeping America, as seen by the number of bestseller books attacking religion. However, atheism will be facing a serious test as it awaits its own long-anticipated "Coming of the God Particle".

What is the God Particle?

The Higgs boson, expected since 1964 was joined by supersymmetry (SUSY) as the primary goals justifying the LHC (large hadron collider). This book predicted that supersymmetry would not be found and the Higgs, if found, would be a resonance, such as tetra-quark or penta-quark. SUSY was not found and the Higgs results, though widely celebrated, are as yet, unclear.

What's the relevance of the title?

Atheism relies heavily on science for self-justification, but the claims of modern science have in some cases 'jumped the tracks'. Written before the Higgs was "discovered", this book suggests that any particles found at the LHC would be 'resonances' such as tetra-quark or penta-quark (the existence of both were doubted at the time). In addition the LHC was assumed to confirm supersymmetry (SUSY), opening up the discovery of a wide range of superpartner particles.

Results (after the book was written) confirmed the absence of supersymmetry and (despite the hype) the Higgs particle is largely uncharacterized and is compatible with resonance. Most references in physical journals even two years after the "discovery" refer to the particle as the "candidate Higgs".

The treatment of atheism in this book differs from popular texts which simply attack on the grounds of religion with little insight into the meaning and foundation of atheistic beliefs. Here, considerable effort is spent defining the atheist belief system, and its influence on science, philosophy, and society.

For those who care about atheism, pro or con, this book provides analysis not available elsewhere. Written before the fact, it has been proven correct in its predictions about supersymmetry, while the jury is still out on the Higgs [although many physicists would deny this last statement].

Title: The Atheist and
the God Particle
Type: Physics/Philosophy
Author: E.E.Klingman
Chapters: 64
Pages: 340+
Index: yes
Bibliography: no
Avail: 11 Sep 2008
Price: US $29.95
Binding: Paperback(~6"x9")
ISBN: 978-097917656-2
LCCN: 2008934282

About the Author:

Ed Klingman was a NASA Research Physicist at Marshall Space Flight Center and is the author of The Gene Man Theory of physics. Founder of several Silicon Valley companies, he holds over 20 technology patents, and has published two university texts: Microprocessor Systems Design, Vol I and II (Prentice Hall).

Keywords: God Particle, Consciousness, Gene Man Force Equation, Gene Man Field Equations, Gene Man Dual Equations, Theory of the C-field, Gene Man Theory.

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