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The Atheist and
the God Particle

What is the God Particle, will it be found, and why is it significant to understanding science and atheism?

Author: E E Klingman
ISBN: 978-097917656-2
Pages: 340
Price: $29.95


Gene Man's World

Consciousness is explored and defined in terms of physical properties that are separate from the thinking process.

Author: E E Klingman
ISBN: 978-097917655-5
Pages: 630
Price: $39.95


The Chromodynamics War

Hard science fiction based on alternate history of Physics. GEM World clashes with Old Earth when their universes intersect through one man.

Author: E E Klingman
ISBN: 978-097917657-9
Pages: 636
Price: $39.95

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The Automatic
Theory of Physics

This 1979 Physics dissertation describes how a robot would derive a theory of physics. Relevant to today's "mathematical universe" and automating science.

Author: E E Klingman
ISBN: 978-097917652-4
Pages: 480
Price: $19.95

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The Gene Man Theory

The Gene Man Theory lays the groundwork for a fourth and final field, that along with the electric, gravity, and magnetic fields, completes the theory of physics.

Author: E E Klingman
ISBN: 978-097917654-8
Pages: 320
Price: $99.95


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