The Chromodynamics War

In 1921 the world split; and according to theory, when quantum worlds split, they remain forever separate. But in 2008, the impossible occurred -- Old Earth intersected with GEM World through one man.

While creating a new intelligent memory device, Gene Man suddenly finds himself endowed with powerful GEM World equations and insights that defy the very foundations of his understanding of physics.

With a head full of amazing new concepts, and with the rest of the community searching for a non-existent God particle, Gene realizes he can no longer accept the premise of his Old Earth physics studies. Powerless to effect change, he takes the only available path --

Title: The Chromo-
dynamics War
Type: SciFi/Physics
Author: E.E.Klingman
Chapters: 125
Pages: 636
Index: no
Bibliography: no
Avail: 30 Jul 2009
Price: US $39.95
Binding: Paperback(~6"x9")
ISBN: 978-097917657-9
LCCN: 2009631306

A new genre, alternate physics history, Chromodynamics War draws on the personal, social, and institutional clashes of non-conforming ideas. As diamond hard SciFi, this novel offers real descriptions of the alternate science, complete with diagrams and equations for the most demanding.

About the Author:

Ed Klingman was a NASA Research Physicist at Marshall Space Flight Center and is the author of The Gene Man Theory of physics. Founder of several Silicon Valley companies, he holds over 20 technology patents, and has published two university texts: Microprocessor Systems Design, Vol I and II (Prentice Hall).

Keywords: Physics, God Particle, Gene Man Force Equation, Gene Man Field Equations, Gene Man Dual Equations, Theory of the C-field, Gene Man Theory, GEM world equations.

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